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US Open Series - Bonus Challenge

A Shot at Two Million Dollars on the Line

The US Open Series Bonus Challenge directly links players’ performances in the US Open Series with their earnings at the US Open. Simply put, those who win the most along the way come to New York with the most to win.

In 2005, the man and woman who finish first in US Open Series play will compete for double prize money at the US Open—meaning a potential $2 million payday at the end of the Flushing fortnight. Second- and third-place finishers will receive an additional 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively, of what they otherwise would have won at the Open.

With 2 million reasons to play often—and play well—the US Open Series Bonus Challenge helps guarantee more marquee matchups throughout the summer. “For the players, it’s obviously a no-lose situation when there’s more money at the US Open,” says Davenport. “I’m looking to play a lot of tournaments and hopefully do well enough to win it again. I’d love to get another chance for the extra million-dollar prize.”

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