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Pick 'Em Game

Think you know tennis?

"I could have told you that would happen." Is that what you say after a major upset or when a top player cruises through the draw? Do you think you know tennis better than anyone else? Well, here's your chance to prove it.

Each day of the US Open Series, we'll give you up to five matches and ask you to select the winners. Every correct answer earns you points. If you have the most points during one week of the US Open Series, you could win a hat and t-shirt. Accumulate the most points for the entire US Open Series and you could win tickets to the 2006 US Open!

Sound simple? Yeah, we think so too. That's why you also need to think about the spread.

Take some time to read more on how to play and the official rules.

Come back on Monday, July 25 to register.