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Pick 'Em Game How To Play


Each day we will update the US Open Series Pick 'Em Game at approximately 4 p.m. ET to reflect matches that will be played the next day. Visit http://pickem.usta.com each day to make your picks.

You have until 11 a.m. ET to register your votes for that day's matches.

In each match, player A will be the player we think is the favorite to win. After Player B, there will be a number value in brackets.

Example: Player A vs. Player B [ 7]

The number in brackets (or "The Line") represents the number of total games we will be "giving" Player B. We add the number of games we are "giving" Player B to the number of games Player B actually wins in the match.

Each correct pick of a player that is "giving points" (the favored player) earns one point. Each correct pick of a player that is "getting points" (the underdog) earns two (2) points.

Example Match: Player A wins the match 6-3, 6-3.

Player A won 12 total games, while Player B won 6. Using "The Line", we adjust the scores and see that Player B won this Wimbledon Pick 'Em match 13 games (the 6 games actually won plus the 7 games given in "The Line") to 12.

Therefore, if you picked Player B to win the match, you just earned two points.

There will be one featured "Match of the Day" every day during the tournament. By correctly selecting the winning player of this match, you can earn extra points. A correct Match of the Day pick of a player that is "giving points" earns two points. Each correct pick of a player that is "getting points" earns four points.

Each day, you’re actually playing with two goals in mind. For each of the five remaining weekly US Open Series periods, we’ll name a winner. These five weekly winners earn a hat and t-shirt.

We’ll also keep track of your total US Open Series points. The person who accumulates the most points over the next five weeks could win our Grand Prize - Tickets To The 2006 US Open!

Thanks for playing and good luck!